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February 17, 2012 2:20 PM Federal Regulations are Not Making College More Expensive

By Kevin Carey

The worst thing about this whole conversation is that that there’s a much stronger argument to be made that rising college prices are a function of too little federal regulation, not too much. While states have direct regulatory authority over college prices (at least in the public sector) the feds don’t, and likely never will. The best way to bend the higher education cost curve down at the national level is to promote more competition in the market on value, defined as the ratio of quality to price. Prices we know about; quality not so much. Predictably, the higher education lobby fights every attempt to require more disclosure of information about quality, often citing alleged compliance costs (along with made-up student privacy arguments) as justification. Again, these people are professionals.

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Kevin Carey directs the Education Policy Program at the New America Foundation.