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September 26, 2010 12:00 PM The Bowl Brawls

By Daniel Luzer

The ongoing fight to end the bowl system of college football final games and create a formal playoff season just got a little more serious.

According to an Associated Press article by Frederic Frommer in the Austin American-Statesman:

Playoff PAC, a political action committee that wants the bowls replaced with a championship playoff system, plans to file a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service today against the operators of the Fiesta, Sugar and Orange Bowls, three of the five games that constitute the Bowl Championship Series.

Playoff PAC believes that the bowl operators are violating their tax-exempt status by providing generous loans to executives as well as doing some hidden lobbying.

This would be, presumably, in addition to the bowl supporters’ totally non-hidden lobbying that’s been going on with this issue. Since 2003 the Bowl Championship Series, the umbrella group for the complicated bowl system, has spent $670,000 lobbying Congress.

Fiesta Bowl spokesman Andy Bagnato said: “These are dated, tired and discredited allegations by an entity whose sole purpose is to destroy the college football bowl system.”

Daniel Luzer is the news editor at Governing Magazine and former web editor of the Washington Monthly. Find him on Twitter: @Daniel_Luzer


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