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May 12, 2014 1:39 PM The Learning Accelerator on Blended Learning: ‘In the Future, We’ll Just Call it Learning’

By Liz Willen

A. We need every teacher and every administrator to feel comfortable using blended learning and incorporating it with their teaching. We need to help find the people who want to be in these roles and give them the support they need so they can thrive and kids can thrive. Part of it is learning the technology, but it’s more than that. There is a mindset. What does it mean to work in an environment with blended learning so they [students] can learn in different ways but move forward as they master content? It’s a different way of teaching. Part of it is a conversation. It is about describing what the teacher’s role looks like in the future.

Q. How will we know if blending learning works?

A. Student learning outcomes. We are in a phase of innovation so it will take us time. We will talk to students who say… before I was bored, but now I get feedback right away. We are hearing that is hard to integrate tech, but it’s worth it. We will know impact by talking to teachers and kids and parents and seeing kids moving forward at their own pace.

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Liz Willen is editor of The Hechinger Report and director of The Hechinger Institute.


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