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2013 Best Bang for the Buck Rankings - National Universities

This year, in addition to our public good-based evaluations which will be released next week, we're launching a new rankings set based on the economic value students receive per dollar: Best Bang for the Buck.

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* Indicates a public school, ° indicates a for-profit school.
† This symbol denotes post-release edits to chart: Read footnote.

  Students receiving
Pell Grants
Net Price
1University of Florida (FL)* 29%84%3%$4,132
2University of Georgia (GA)* 22%82%3%$6,335
3Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (NC)* 20%89%1%$6,949
4NC State University-Raleigh (NC)* 25%72%3%$7,345
5Texas A&M Univ.-College Station (TX)* 23%81%5%$7,383
6San Diego State University (CA)* 29%66%4%$8,066
7Arizona State University (AZ)* 35%57%6%$8,088
8Indiana University-Bloomington (IN)* 21%72%3%$8,129
9University of Washington-Seattle (WA)* 24%80%3%$8,334
10Florida State University (FL)* 28%74%5%$8,447
11East Carolina University (NC)* 34%59%3%$8,463
12University of Central Florida (FL)* 30%63%8%$8,825
13Utah State University (UT)* 30%52%4%$8,850
14University of Vermont (VT)* 22%72%3%$8,927
15University of California-Riverside (CA)* 57%67%5%$9,224
16University of California-Berkeley (CA)* 27%90%3%$9,394
17Oklahoma State University-Main (OK)* 28%62%6%$9,838
18University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (MN)* 23%70%3%$9,945
19University of California-Irvine (CA)* 38%85%3%$9,981
20University of Arizona (AZ)* 32%61%6%$10,046
21University of California-Los Angeles (CA)* 32%90%3%$10,055
22University of California-San Diego (CA)* 47%85%3%$10,092
23Michigan State University (MI)* 26%77%4%$10,092
24University of Utah (UT)* 20%55%3%$10,186
25University of California-Davis (CA)* 39%82%3%$10,229
26Purdue University-Main (IN)* 21%68%3%$10,355
27Univ. of California-Santa Barbara (CA)* 34%80%3%$10,844
28Iowa State University (IA)* 23%68%4%$10,979
29Michigan Technological University (MI)* 28%65%3%$11,017
30Rutgers University-Newark (NJ)* 45%68%NA$11,052
31University of California-Santa Cruz (CA)* 42%73%4%$11,119
32University of Texas-Austin (TX)* 28%81%5%$11,134
33SUNY at Albany (NY)* 37%64%6%$11,272
34University of Nebraska-Lincoln (NE)* 24%67%4%$11,379
35SUNY at Binghamton (NY)* 26%77%3%$11,439
36SUNY at Buffalo (NY)* 28%71%4%$11,726
37Univ. of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign (IL)* 21%82%3%$12,061
38University of Nevada-Reno (NV)* 29%51%7%$12,344
39University of Rhode Island (RI)* 26%63%6%$12,364
40South Dakota State University (SD)* 36%60%5%$12,370
41University of Oregon (OR)* 23%66%5%$12,457
42Washington State University (WA)* 26%67%6%$12,490
43University of Oklahoma Norman (OK)* 24%67%7%$12,849
44MO Univ. of Science & Technology (MO)* 28%67%5%$12,993
45University of Kansas (KS)* 22%61%4%$13,142
46Western Michigan University (MI)* 35%56%5%$13,565
47Illinois State University (IL)* 24%71%3%$13,672
48University of La Verne (CA)51%58%5%$14,208
49Oregon State University (OR)* 30%61%4%$14,497
50Bowling Green State Univ.-Main (OH)* 40%58%7%$14,947
51Saint Mary's University of Minnesota (MN)34%62%3%$15,077
52Rutgers University-New Brunswick (NJ)* 29%77%4%$15,116
53Ohio State University-Main (OH)* 20%80%6%$15,308
54Andrews University (MI)32%63%5%$15,380
Trident University International (CA)°58%72%3%$15,622
56University of Missouri-St. Louis (MO)* 41%51%8%$15,765
57Northern Illinois University (IL)* 50%56%7%$15,942
58University of New Hampshire-Main (NH)* 24%76%3%$16,072
59Yeshiva University (NY)20%84%2%$16,202
60Saint John Fisher College (NY)36%73%6%$17,005
61Temple University (PA)* 31%68%6%$17,027
62Clarkson University (NY)32%72%3%$17,133
63University of Maine (ME)* 34%60%7%$17,724
64Maryville University of Saint Louis (MO)26%68%3%$18,202
65Pepperdine University (CA)31%81%2%$18,313
66Howard University (DC)43%63%7%$18,503
67DePaul University (IL)37%66%4%$19,106
68Duquesne University (PA)22%73%2%$19,432
69Ashland University (OH)40%61%5%$19,968
70Marquette University (WI)20%81%2%$20,474
71Syracuse University (NY)25%80%4%$20,556
72Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ)25%79%4%$21,054
73University of St. Thomas (MN)21%74%2%$22,698
74Biola University (CA)35%71%3%$23,379
75Adelphi University (NY)36%66%5%$23,510
76Widener University-Main (PA)34%54%6%$23,702
77Seton Hall University (NJ)34%66%5%$24,031
78Immaculata University (PA)37%55%7%$24,511
79University of San Francisco (CA)31%70%4%$28,245

† It has come to our attention that Trident University International misreported its graduation rate to the federal government. The correct rate is 23 percent, not 72 percent. Had they reported accurate data they would not have been included in the table.