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2013 Best Bang for the Buck Rankings - National Universities

This year, in addition to our public good-based evaluations which will be released next week, we're launching a new rankings set based on the economic value students receive per dollar: Best Bang for the Buck.

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* Indicates a public school, ° indicates a for-profit school.

  Students receiving
Pell Grants
Net Price
1University of Florida (FL)* 29%84%3%$4,132
2University of Georgia (GA)* 22%82%3%$6,335
3Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (NC)* 20%89%1%$6,949
4NC State University-Raleigh (NC)* 25%72%3%$7,345
5Texas A&M Univ.-College Station (TX)* 23%81%5%$7,383
6San Diego State University (CA)* 29%66%4%$8,066
7Arizona State University (AZ)* 35%57%6%$8,088
8Indiana University-Bloomington (IN)* 21%72%3%$8,129
9University of Washington-Seattle (WA)* 24%80%3%$8,334
10Florida State University (FL)* 28%74%5%$8,447
11East Carolina University (NC)* 34%59%3%$8,463
12University of Central Florida (FL)* 30%63%8%$8,825
13Utah State University (UT)* 30%52%4%$8,850
14University of Vermont (VT)* 22%72%3%$8,927
15University of California-Riverside (CA)* 57%67%5%$9,224
16University of California-Berkeley (CA)* 27%90%3%$9,394
17Oklahoma State University-Main (OK)* 28%62%6%$9,838
18University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (MN)* 23%70%3%$9,945
19University of California-Irvine (CA)* 38%85%3%$9,981
20University of Arizona (AZ)* 32%61%6%$10,046
21University of California-Los Angeles (CA)* 32%90%3%$10,055
22University of California-San Diego (CA)* 47%85%3%$10,092
23Michigan State University (MI)* 26%77%4%$10,092
24University of Utah (UT)* 20%55%3%$10,186
25University of California-Davis (CA)* 39%82%3%$10,229
26Purdue University-Main (IN)* 21%68%3%$10,355
27Univ. of California-Santa Barbara (CA)* 34%80%3%$10,844
28Iowa State University (IA)* 23%68%4%$10,979
29Michigan Technological University (MI)* 28%65%3%$11,017
30Rutgers University-Newark (NJ)* 45%68%NA$11,052
31University of California-Santa Cruz (CA)* 42%73%4%$11,119
32University of Texas-Austin (TX)* 28%81%5%$11,134
33SUNY at Albany (NY)* 37%64%6%$11,272
34University of Nebraska-Lincoln (NE)* 24%67%4%$11,379
35SUNY at Binghamton (NY)* 26%77%3%$11,439
36SUNY at Buffalo (NY)* 28%71%4%$11,726
37Univ. of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign (IL)* 21%82%3%$12,061
38University of Nevada-Reno (NV)* 29%51%7%$12,344
39University of Rhode Island (RI)* 26%63%6%$12,364
40South Dakota State University (SD)* 36%60%5%$12,370
41University of Oregon (OR)* 23%66%5%$12,457
42Washington State University (WA)* 26%67%6%$12,490
43University of Oklahoma Norman (OK)* 24%67%7%$12,849
44MO Univ. of Science & Technology (MO)* 28%67%5%$12,993
45University of Kansas (KS)* 22%61%4%$13,142
46Western Michigan University (MI)* 35%56%5%$13,565
47Illinois State University (IL)* 24%71%3%$13,672
48University of La Verne (CA)51%58%5%$14,208
49Oregon State University (OR)* 30%61%4%$14,497
50Bowling Green State Univ.-Main (OH)* 40%58%7%$14,947
51Saint Mary's University of Minnesota (MN)34%62%3%$15,077
52Rutgers University-New Brunswick (NJ)* 29%77%4%$15,116
53Ohio State University-Main (OH)* 20%80%6%$15,308
54Andrews University (MI)32%63%5%$15,380
55Trident University International (CA)°58%72%3%$15,622
56University of Missouri-St. Louis (MO)* 41%51%8%$15,765
57Northern Illinois University (IL)* 50%56%7%$15,942
58University of New Hampshire-Main (NH)* 24%76%3%$16,072
59Yeshiva University (NY)20%84%2%$16,202
60Saint John Fisher College (NY)36%73%6%$17,005
61Temple University (PA)* 31%68%6%$17,027
62Clarkson University (NY)32%72%3%$17,133
63University of Maine (ME)* 34%60%7%$17,724
64Maryville University of Saint Louis (MO)26%68%3%$18,202
65Pepperdine University (CA)31%81%2%$18,313
66Howard University (DC)43%63%7%$18,503
67DePaul University (IL)37%66%4%$19,106
68Duquesne University (PA)22%73%2%$19,432
69Ashland University (OH)40%61%5%$19,968
70Marquette University (WI)20%81%2%$20,474
71Syracuse University (NY)25%80%4%$20,556
72Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ)25%79%4%$21,054
73University of St. Thomas (MN)21%74%2%$22,698
74Biola University (CA)35%71%3%$23,379
75Adelphi University (NY)36%66%5%$23,510
76Widener University-Main (PA)34%54%6%$23,702
77Seton Hall University (NJ)34%66%5%$24,031
78Immaculata University (PA)37%55%7%$24,511
79University of San Francisco (CA)31%70%4%$28,245