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Little Tom DeLays Waiting to Get Out

By The editors

The great Washington scandals of the past were gifts that kept on giving. Think Watergate, and how each new revelation led to discoveries of deeper and more systemic corruption. Today's Capitol muckrakers are beginning to think that Tom DeLay's troubles will provide a similar mother lode. After all, the lucrative political machine that DeLay formed with K Street lobbyists included more than a few eager Republicans. Crack Tom DeLay, the thinking goes, and out they will tumble.

Tom DeLay (R-Texas)
Currently under investigation for accepting gifts and paid vacations from lobbyists and foreign interests, as well as engineering a political money-laundering scheme in which corporate contributions were illegally funneled to Texas Republican candidates. Received three separate admonishments from the House Ethics Committee for bribing a House Republican for a vote, using Homeland Security resources to track the movement of Texas House Democrats during a redistricting battle, and encouraging a Kansas energy company to believe that a donation to his PAC would get it "a seat at the table" where the energy bill would be written.

Bob Ney (R-Ohio)
Currently under in-vestigation for accepting campaign contributions and paid vacations in exchange for sponsoring an amendment that would reopen the Tigua Indian's Speaking Rock Casino. Accused of accepting a paid vacation to a London casino from a felon who sought the congressman's help in brokering sales of airplanes to Middle Eastern countries. During his visit, Ney is said to have won $34,000 off of an initial bet of $100.

Richard Pombo (R-Calif.)
Lobbied the Department of Interior to suspend environmental guidelines opposed by windpower interests without revealing his family's involvement in the industry. Used federal resources for political purposes, including abusing franking privileges and enabling his staff to take taxpayer-funded leave in order to campaign for Republican candidates.

Charles Taylor (R-N.C.)
Purchased a Russian bank, co-sponsored legislation to fund housing mortgages in Russia. Serves as chairman for a North Carolina bank involved in a money-laundering scheme by two close friends, in-cluding his former campaign chairman.

Don Sherwood (R-Pa.)
Accused of attempting to strangle his 29-year-old Peruvian mistress during the course of a "massage."

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