Theodore C. Sorensen

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Any torture of enemy captives by U.S. military personnel or contractors:

1. is a violation of the United States Constitution, federal criminal statutes, and international law, and subject to the severest criminal penalty, even if done under orders from a superior;

2. is contrary to the precepts of every major religion and moral code;

3. has been repudiated by all knowledgeable law enforcement agencies and experts as an investigative tool wholly unproductive and unreliable, inasmuch as torture victims will say anything, usually unverifiable, including spontaneous falsehoods, in order to stop the torture and preserve their lives;

4. is increasing the likelihood that any captured or kidnapped U.S. personnel, whether military or civilian, will be subjected to torture from their captors; and

5. is evidence of a sick mind and an uncivilized chain of command.

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Theodore C. Sorensen is former special counsel to President John F. Kennedy.  
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