Video from January 6, 2010 Washington Monthly/New America Event
"The Return of Agent Orange" based on this special report

Special Report:

Introduction: A Legacy Revisited
Agent Orange is still damaging lives in
Vietnam. The time has come for America to act.

by Walter Isaacson

Agent of Influence
The realpolitik case for compensating Vietnam.
by Geoffrey Cain and Joshua Kurlantzick

The Environmental Consequences of War
Why militaries almost never clean up
the messes they leave behind.

by Clay Risen

A Hard Way to Die
Why hundreds of thousands of Vietnam vets with Agent Orange–related
diseases have been made to suffer without VA health care.

by Phillip Longman

This special report
was made possible by the generous
support of the Ford Foundation

Editor: Paul Glastris
Publisher: Diane Straus Tucker

Cover photo: The National Archives


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