Special Report:

Fighting the
Dropout Crisis

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Can Obama reverse the
dropout crisis?
by Richard Lee Colvin

New York City
Big gains in the Big Apple.
by Sarah Garland

After decades of effort,
a decade of progress.
by Dale Mezzacappa

Portland, Oregon
All the advantages,
and nothing to show for it.
by Betsy Hammond

Small is Still Beautiful
Breaking up big, dysfunctional high schools
into smaller units looked like
a reform that failed. Look again.
by Thomas Toch

Standards Issue
President Obama wants to lower the dropout rate.
He also wants to raise academic standards.
But does one come at the expense of the other?
by Thomas Toch

This special report was made possible
with the generous support of (in alphabetical order)
The Boston Foundation
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Nellie Mae Education Foundation
Spencer Foundation
William Penn Foundation.

Guest editor: Richard Lee Colvin
Editor: Paul Glastris
Publisher: Diane Straus Tucker
Cover photo: Rod Morata

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