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December 12, 2010
 by Steven Hill

“EUROPE'S PROMISE” INTERVIEWS FROM THE TOUR, PLUS A VIDEO OF MY SPEECH IN ATHENS AT THE FOREIGN MINISTRY…My speaking engagements in Athens attracted some media attention, including interviews and a YouTube video of one of my talks. I thought some readers might find these of interest:

Interview in Vima, the leading daily newspaper in Greece
Steven Hill: "The crisis unites Europe
The American writer, journalist and political analyst talks about the opportunities the crisis provides to Europe, and believes that Greece is on the right track.
By Markos Karasarinis
Saturday, October 16, 2010
(in Greek, use Google translator)

Video of my talk at the Foreign Ministry of the Greek government:
Steven Hill speaking at the Foreign Ministry, Athens, Greece
October 18, 2010

An article in a Greek publication reporting on my talk at the Foreign Ministry
Zoom News
October 21 2010
(in Greek, use Google translator)

Here is another interview in an Italian publication, following my lecture in Rome at Fondazione Fare Futuro
Europe and its revolution
Interview with U.S. author Steven Hill
November 30, 2010
By Francesca Cannino,4319.html

A book review of Europe's Promise in the Vienna Review (English-language, Austria)

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