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03/05/04: Walter Shapiro on campaign ads.

03/05/04: David Segal on James Brown: He still feels good.

03/04/04: Matthew Miller on Haiti.

03/04/04: Gregg Easterbrook on pornography that's more socially responsible than Paramount.

03/04/04: Mickey Kaus on Blackmun fever.

03/03/04: Steven Waldman on Bush advancing gay rights.

03/03/04: David Segal on Disney's CEO: He says he's still the man for the job.

03/03/04: Walter Shapiro on Kerry facing tough task sustaining enthusiasm.

03/03/04: Mickey Kaus on Tim Russert's exit poll garbage.

03/02/04: Timothy Noah on readers finishing Todd Purdum's unpromising half-sentence.

03/02/04: Matthew Cooper on Bush in high gear.

03/01/04: Timothy Noah on Tauzin growing a conscience.

03/01/04: Michelle Cottle on faith accompli.

03/01/04: Walter Shapiro on Edwards starting to swing just when he might be finished.

03/01/04: Mickey Kaus on the riddle of Kerry's caution.

02/27/04: Walter Shapiro on Kerry's feistiness in debate showing he still sees threat.

March 2004: Joshua Green on Georgians wanting the Confederate emblem back on their state flag.

From Joshua Micah Marshall's Talking Points Memo

03/05/04:"Now that the Newsday article...has provided a new hook for the Plame story, it's really time for...the White House press corps to pose the 5th amendment question to Scott McClellan.... First: Does the White House know whether any White House appointees or employees have invoked their 5th amendment rights in the Plame investigation? Second: Is the president's order to his staff to cooperate with the investigation consistent with his aides or appointees invoking their 5th amendment rights while remaining on the White House payroll? The first question probably won't generate much of an answer because he may well not know. And he could credibly say that he has no way or knowing what's going on in confidential interviews and grand jury sessions. But the second question should clarify just how much cooperation the president is calling for."

Tilting at Windmills
by Founding Editor Charles Peters

This month: High and mighty ... Sex in the city ... Corn syrup...

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January/February 2004: Table of Contents

Creative Class War
All the General's Men    Twilight of the Neocons

NEW! The Running Men
How candidates decide to run for president reveals how prepared they are to win.
by Walter Shapiro

NEW! The Odd Couple
Is Laura too good for George?
by Margaret Sullivan
Armchair Provocateur
Laurie Mylroie, the Neocons' favorite conspiracy theorist.
by Peter Bergen
James's Addiction
Carville can't stop giving the Democrats good advice.
by Jamie Malanowski
Out of Change
How Bush squandered the money needed to reform the government.
by Bruce Reed
Count Me Out
Why rock and politics don't mix.
by David Segal
Green Genes
Stephanie Mencimer reviews Peter Pringle's Food, Inc.
Oh Little Town
The mean streets of Bethlehem.
by Barbara Demick
Faux Pax Americana
The lesson from Iraq is that using fewer troops can win a war, but can't keep the peace.
by Phillip Carter
Jungle Book
The foreign correspondent as thrill-seeker.
by Joshua Hammer

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