Benjamin Wallace-Wells

Ben Wallace-Wells was an editor of the Washington Monthly. He isa frequent contributor to Rolling Stone. He has worked as a reporter on the Philadelphia Inquirer's Metro Desk. His writing has been published in the Boston Globe, Policy Review, and in the collection At Ground Zero, among other places. His first professional piece, for the Boston Herald's online edition, followed a group of apprentice ticket-scalpers around Fenway Park on Opening Day. He was paid $30 for that article, and still considers this a pretty good rate.

Washington Monthly articles by Ben Wallace-Wells:

  • March 2006: Down From the Mountain
    Taylor Branch show how the end of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Civil Rights movement marked the beginning of liberalism's crack-up.

  • January/February 2006: Kos Call
    For America's number one liberal blogger, politics is like sports: It's all about winning.

  • October/November 2005: Getting Ahead in the GOP
    Rep. Patrick McHenry and the art of defending the indefensible.

  • July/August 2005: Reverse Engineering
    Henry Ford created the future with his eyes on the past.

  • March 2005: Off Track
    America's economy is losing its competitive edge, and Washington hasn't noticed.

  • March 2005: Battered Women
    Female boxing is brutal and hopeless.

  • November 2004: The Great Black Hope
    What's riding on Barack Obama.

  • October 2004: Party Down
    Like the Democrats during the 1970s, today's GOP is hidebound, corrupt, out of touch--and doomed.

  • June 2004: Right Man's Burden
    Why empire enthusiast Niall Ferguson won't change his mind.

  • April 2004: There Goes the Neighborhood
    Why home prices are about to plummet--and take the recovery with them.

  • January/February 2004: Like Common People
    What Paris Hilton and her friends really want.

  • December 2003: In the Tank
    The intellectual decline of AEI.

  • November 2003: Corps Voters
    For over two decades, the bond between the GOP and the U.S. military has been getting stronger. Since the invasion of Iraq, that may be changing.

  • October 2003: Mourning Has Broken
    How Bush privatized September 11.

    Boob Tube
    MTV used to be about ambition. Now, it's about hob tubs.

  • September 2003: Bush's War on Cops
    Welcome back to the 1980s. Thanks to White House policy, police departments are understaffed, cops are overwhelmed, murders are up, and killers are getting away.

    Headhunting for Michael Powell
    Finding great jobs for political losers.

  • May 2003: The Agony of Ecstasy
    How a suburban party diversion is becoming a dangerous street drug.
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