Christina Larson

Christina Larson was managing editor of the Washington Monthly.

Washington Monthly articles by Christina Larson:

  • September 2006: Hoosier Daddy
    What rising Democratic star Barack Obama can learn from an old lion of the GOP.

  • May 2006: The Emerging Environmental Majority
    There is a thaw in relations between greens and hunters. It could heat up big-time over global warming.

  • January/February 2006: The End of Hunting?
    Why only progressive government can save a great American pastime.

  • December 2005: There Goes the Neighborhood
    The last low-rent office building in downtown DC smokes out the National Organization for Women, US-Ukraine Foundation, a private eye, and The Washington Monthly.

  • July/Agust 2005: When Real Men Wore Heels
    How the demands of empires shaped the history of fashion.

  • April 2005: From Venus to Minerva
    Most fashion magazines play on women's insecurities. Anna Wintour's Vogue plays on their ambitions.

  • April 2005: A Tale of Two Cities
    Get Ready for "Paris on the Potomac."

  • March 2005: 7 Mistakes Superheroines Make
    Why the latest action-babe flicks flopped.

  • March 2005: Postmodern Protests
    Why modern marches matter only to the marchers.

  • December 2004: The Joy of Sexology
    Does it matter that Alfred Kinsey enjoyed his work more than he let on?

  • November 2004: Tour of Beauty
    A hundred years in the arms race to acquire newer, better weapons of cosmetic enhancement.

  • July/August 2004: Movable Feat
    The insanity of relocating the Olympics every four years.

  • March 2004: All the General's Men
    Wesley Clark's disappointed army in Washington.

  • January/February 2004: If At First
    Why Washington political operatives will be voting for Howard Dean.

  • December 2002: Talk Dirty
    A review of Janice M. Irvine's "Talk About Sex: Battles Over Sex Education in the United States."

  • September 2002: Pork for Prudes
    How conservatives score, while teaching kids not to.

  • April 2002: Sins of Commission
    Insurance coverage has become the brass ring of the alternative medicine movement.

  • January/February 2002: Of Corset Matters
    A review of Valerie Steele's "The Corset: A Cultural History."

  • October 2001: Reconstructing Rockwell
    How an American icon became an artist.

  • November 2000: Cosmic Minutia
    A review of Philip Hamburger's "Matters of State: A Political Excursion."

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