Carl Iseli

Carl Iseli is Washington Monthly’s Vice President, Operations & Marketing

Carl has been involved with business, marketing and digital development for nearly four decades. He has been the vice president of Ray Enterprises, an import firm; advertising and marketing director for Ritz Camera, a national retail chain; vice president, digital technologies for Ritz Camera; president of the Digital Imaging Marketing Association, a trade group; and president of Creative Images Inc., an advertising, marketing and business consulting firm.

Actively involved in motor sports for more than forty years, Carl is a former Sports Car Club of America licensed racecar driver and currently an instructor/coach in high performance driving for Ferrari of America, Bill Scott Racing, and other organizations.

Carl has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland and is a U.S. Navy veteran. Carl has two grown sons, an extraordinary grandson, and he and his wife reside in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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