Diane Straus Tucker

Diane Straus Tucker is the Publisher of the Washington Monthly.  She joined the Monthly in 2008.  For three decades Diane has worked on the business side of publishing, most recently as President and Publisher of The American Prospect. She had been Group Publisher of Manhattan Media, which publishes weekly community newspapers in Manhattan as well as Avenue Magazine.  Earlier in her career she was Publisher of the Westchester and Fairfield County Times, Trader Publications, and the Cranford Citizen and Chronicle.  Before migrating to the business side she was an Editor at New York Magazine and the Village Voice.

Diane grew up in New York and Washington, DC, where her family was active in liberal politics and radio.  She graduated from Yale in 1973 in the first class of women.  She established the first women’s varsity at Yale, in tennis, and was its captain all four years.

Diane has won 15 national platform tennis championships, including the Mixed 50’s in 2009 and 2010, and was inducted into the Platform Tennis Hall of Fame.

Diane is currently on the Board of the NAACP’s Crisis Magazine and is past Board Chair of the Yale Alumni Magazine.  The mother of three grown children, she resides in Washington, DC.

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