Nicholas Thompson
Nicholas Thompson was an editor at the Washington Monthly from 1999-2001 and is now a senior editor at Wired magazine.

Washington Monthly articles by Nicholas Thompson:

  • July 2003: Science Friction
    The Growing and Dangerous Divide between scientists and the GOP.

  • June 2003: Star Search
    A million federal jobs are about to open up for young Americans. Will the government lure the best--or the rest?

  • December 2002: Bright Light, Small Villages
    Why helping Africa get solar power is good for America.

  • July 2002: May the Source be with you
    Can a band of biologists who share data freely out-innovate corporate researchers?

  • May 2002: Machined Politics
    How the Net is really changing elections.

  • October 2001: Publisher Perish
    The coming battle over putting all scientific journals online for free.

  • September 2001 (with Amy Graham): Broken Ranks
    U.S. News' college rankings measure everything but what matters. And most universities don't seem to mind.

  • September 2001: Besting the Brightest
    A review of David Halberstam's "War in a Time of Peace."

  • July/August 2001: Dick Cheney's Dick Cheney
    Meet Mitch Daniels: The most powerful man in the Bush administration you've never heard of.

  • June 2001: Civilizations and a Malcontent
    A review of Felipe Fernandez-Armesto's "Civilizations."

  • May 2001: Extremism in Defense of Moderation is No Vice.
    The moderate Republicans are likable and often right. Why aren't they more influential?

  • April 2001: Gene Blues
    Is the Patent Office prepared to deal with the genomic revolution?

  • March 2001: This Ain't Your Mamma's CIA
    The Agency didn't play a lead role in ousting Milosevic. Thank God.

  • January/February 2001: Locking Up The Vote
    Disenfranchisement of former felons was the real crime in Florida.

  • December 2000: Bill's Excellent Adventure
    The hits and misses of our protean president.

  • November 2000: Finding the Civil Service's Hidden Sex Appeal
    Why the brightest young people shy away from government.

  • October 2000: Downsizing
    Nanotechnology: Why you should sweat the small stuff.

  • September 2000: Playing With Numbers
    How U.S. News mismeasures higher education and what we should do about it

  • July/August 2000: Sex in the Digital City
    Why it's so alluring on AOL and the Internet and why it's so addictive

  • June 200: Gingrich? Gipper? Gates?
    Republicans can't bear to give Clinton credit for the economic boom. But they should.

  • May 2000: One Eye On The Exit
    A guide to moving from the West Wing to the real world.

  • April 2000: Overdose
    Why Clinton's Colombian Drug Policy Needs Rehab

  • March 2000: Reboot!
    How Linux and open source could change the way we get things done

  • January/February 2000: Presidential Aptitude Test :
    What you really need to know to pick a president

  • December 1999: Snake Eyes
    Even education can't save state lotteries

  • November 1999: Harlot's Web
    How and why the government should regulate the Internet
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