Stephanie Mencimer
Stephanie Mencimer is a contributing editor at the Washington Monthly. Her first book, The Courthouse, has just been released.

Previously she worked as an investigative reporter at The Washington Post, a senior writer at the Washington City Paper and a staff writer for Legal Times. She has written for The New York Times, New Republic, Legal Affairs, American Propsect, Mother Jones and other national publications. In 2004, she was nominated for a National Magazine Award in the public service category for her Washington Monthly article on medical malpractice politics, and in 2000, won the Harry Chapin media award for reporting on hunger and poverty.

Washington Monthly articles by Stephanie Mencimer:

  • April 2002: Lone-Star Justice
    Conservatives thought Clinton-bashing Judge Royce Lamberth was on their team--until he went after the Bushies.

  • March 2002: Runway Inflation
    How flying wedding chapels and Alaskan bush pilots landed a share of the airline bailout.

  • January/February 2002: Daschle's Hillary Problem
    If the Senate majority leader runs for president, what will voters think of his lobbyist wife?

  • December 2001: Rich Man, Spore Man
    If the elite want to survive bioterrorism, they'll have to make sure the poor do, too.

  • November 2001: Broken Fingernail Feminism
    Educated women say they hate Naomi Wolf. So why do they read her books?

  • September 2001: Scorin' With Orrin
    How the gentleman from Utah made it easier for kids to buy speed, steroids, and Spanish fly.

  • September 2001: Violent Femmes
    On the big screen today, action babes are on top. Here's why men love it.

  • July/August 2001: High Court Homophobis
    A review of Jouce Murdoch and Deb Price's "Courting Justice."

  • June 2001: The Baby Boycott
    Conservatives thought that if they only made it harder for mothers to work, women would stay home. Instead, women stopped having kids.

  • April 2001: Theocracy in America
    What Gentile life in Mormon Utah can teach us about church and state.

  • January/February 2001: True Crime
    A review of Andrew Karmen's "New York Murder Mystery."

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