Joshua Green

Joshua Green is a senior editor at The Atlantic. He was a Washington Monthly editor from 2001-2003. He has also written for The New Yorker, Esquire, Rolling Stone, and other publications. He began his career at the satirical weekly, The Onion (back at a time when that failed to impress anyone). Recently he was named one of Columbia Journalism Review's 10 young writers on the rise and was a finalist for the Livingston Award. His writing has been anthologized in books ranging from The Best American Political Writing 2005 to The Bob Marley Reader.

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Washington Monthly articles by Joshua Green:
  • June 2003: The Bookie of Virtue
    William J. Bennett has made millions lecturing people on morality--and blown it on gambling.

  • January/February 2003: Reagan's Liberal Legacy
    What the new literature about the Gipper won't tell you.

  • November 2002: The Myth of Cyberterrorism
    There are many ways terrorists can kill you--computers aren't one of them.

  • November 2002: Wheel Estate
    A review of J. Hart, M. Rhodes, and J. Morgan's The Unknown World of the Mobile Home.

  • October 2002: Monumental Failure
    Why we should commercialize the National Mall.

  • July/August 2002: The 'Gateless Community
    In any other adminstration, Bush's scandal-plagued Army secretary would be gone. But the rules have changed.

  • June 2002: Fabulous Fabulist
    A review of Lillian Ross's Reporting Back.

  • May 2002: The Big Switch
    Why Democrats should draft McCain in 2004--and why he should let them.

  • April 2002: The Other War Room
    President Bush doesn't believe in polling--just ask his pollsters.

  • January/February 2002: The Other College Rankings
    When it comes to national service, America's "best colleges" are its worst.

  • November 2001: God's Foreign Policy
    Why the biggest threat to Bush's war strategy isn't coming from Muslims, but from Christians.

  • October 2001: John Edwards, Esq.
    Should America elect a trial lawyer president?

  • May 2001: Weapons of Mass Confusion
    How pork trumps preparedness in the fight against terrorism.

  • November 1999: Deadly Compromise
    Liberals and conservatives are both wrong on the death penalty.

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