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Paul Glastris


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Charles Peters

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Claire Iseli

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Amy M. Stackhouse
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Contributing Editors: Jonathan Alter, Thomas N. Bethell, Tom Bethell, Katherine Boo,
Taylor Branch, Matthew Cooper, Michelle Cottle, Gregg Easterbrook, John Eisendrath, James Fallows, Joshua Green, Mickey Kaus, Phil Keisling, Michael Kinsley, Christina Larson, Nicholas Lemann, Suzannah Lessard, Arthur Levine, Joshua Micah Marshall, Jon Meacham, Stephanie Mencimer, Matthew Miller, Rachel Morris, Timothy Noah, Joseph Nocera, Leonard Reed, John Rothchild, Jonathan Rowe, David Segal, Walter Shapiro, Joshua Wolf Shenk, Amy Sullivan, Nicholas Thompson, Steven Waldman, Benjamin Wallace-Wells, Robert Worth
Editorial Advisory Board: Nicholas Lemann, Chair; Clara Bingham, Debra Dickerson, James Fallows
Founder’s Board: Charles W. Bailey, Russell Baker, James David Barber (1930–2004), Edgar Cahn, David Halberstam (1934–2007), Murray Kempton (1917–1997), Peter Lisagor (1915–1976), Richard Reeves, Richard H. Rovere (1915–1979), Hugh Sidey (1927–2005), James C. Thomson III (1931–2002)
Board of Directors: Jeffrey Leonard, Chair; Steve Coll; Paul Glastris; Diane Straus Tucker


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