Zachary Roth is an editor of The Washington Monthly. He has also written for The New Republic, Salon, Slate, and Columbia Journalism Review, among other places. When he is feeling motivated, he also blogs at

You can e-mail him at

Washington Monthly articles by Zachary Roth:
  • October 2006: Meet the New Boss
    Quietly, Senate Republicans have already chosen Mitch McConnell as their next leaderóbecause Congress just isnít partisan enough.

  • June 2006: Investi-Gate
    What's really at stake in the November elections.

  • March 2006: Nuclear Waste
    Our far-flung nuclear weapons factories haven't built a bomb since 1992. One lone Republican wants to shut them down.

  • December 2005: Viewer Discretion
    Parents should be able to pay for Nickelodeon without having to pony up for MTV.

  • June 2005: The Monopoly Factory
    Want to fix the economy?Start by fixing the patent office.

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