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Political Booknotes:
*Long Good Buy
Nicholas Lemann reviews Lizabeth Cohen's A Consumers' Republic.

Appointment With Destiny
Todd Gitlin reviews Sheldon Hackney's The Politics of Presidential Appointment.

At Home Abroad
Jacob Heilbrunn reviews Jedediah Purdy's Being America.

Grave Concerns
Shannon Brownlee reviews Robert A. Burt's Death Is That Man Taking Names.

Hire Education
Richard D. Kahlenberg reviews Jerald E. Podair's The Strike That Changed New York.

World Wide Wash
Nicholas Thompson reviews S. Kalathil and T. Boas's Open Networks, Closed Regimes.

Empire State Building
Anatol Lieven reviews Andrew J. Bacevich's American Empire.

Geek Tragedy
Jamie Malanowski reviews James Ledbetter's Starving to Death on $200 Million.

January 2003
* Items marked with red asterisks are available online.

Cover story:
* Reagan's Liberal Legacy
What the new literature on the Gipper won't tell you.
by Joshua Green

*Vice Grip
Dick Cheney is a man of principles. Disastrous principles.
by Joshua Micah Marshall

*License to Kill
How the GOP helped John Allen Muhammad get a sniper rifle.
by Brent Kendall

Hollywood and Whine
Why are Democrats helping the entertainment industry stamp out new technologies that fuel economic growth?
by Brendan Koerner

Deep in the Heart of Darkness
Under George W. Bush, the worse of two Texas traditions is shaping America.
by Michael Lind

*Hot Flash, Cold Cash
How a once-respected women's group went through The Change -- with the help of drug industry money.
by Alicia Mundy

Remote Controlled
by Ben Fritz

*All Things Considerate
How NPR makes Tavis Smiley sound like Linda Wertheimer.
by Brian Montopoli

*Tilting at Windmills
Rummy's Doomed Reform ... Saddam the Sissy ... Woodward the Protector ... Broadway's Bad Review
by Charles Peters

On Political Books:
*Tax and Fend
Bush's assault on tax fairness is part of an old Republican tradition -- but not the only one.
by Robert S. McIntyre

*Mensch at Work
The dilemma of Joe Lieberman.
by Noam Scheiber

Off Target
The biggest challenge to the NRA may not come from trial lawyers, but from demographics.
by Stephen Pomper

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