June/July/August 2014
Table of Contents

Tilting at Windmills

Mobilizing chick power … Male menopause … Can Dems match gun raffles? By Michelle Cottle

Ten Miles Square
Can Listicles Fund the Baghdad Bureau?

How BuzzFeed and HuffPo manage to do real journalism. For now.
By Steven Waldman

Why the White Working Class Matters

The bad news: Dems can’t govern without them. The good news: Blue-collar whites are far more diverse than during the era of the Reagan Democrats.
By Stanley Greenberg

Beyond Identity Politics

To reach the white working class, promise an economy that “works for everyone.”
By Ruy Teixeira and John Halpin

The Last Interesting Centrist

Can Michael Smerconish save cable from the tyranny of partisanship?
By Simon van Zuylen-Wood

Thrown Out of Court

How corporations became people you can't sue.
By Lina Khan

Working the GOP’s Weak Spot

How Barack Obama is following Bill Clinton’s minimum wage game plan to try to hold onto the Senate.
By Paul Glastris

The Big Lobotomy

How Republicans Made Congress Stupid.
By Paul Glastris and Haley Sweetland Edwards

On Political Books
Alone on His Own Ice Floe

How Antonin Scalia ceased to be a powerhouse jurist and became a crank.
By Michael O'Donnell

The Unkindest Cut

The visionary guidance counselor in a poor urban high school discovers why some top colleges don't want even his best students: money.
By Elias Vlanton

A Liberal’s Call to Real Liberty

How FDR redefined freedom and changed America.
By Moshe Z. Marvit

Making School Choice Work

Two D.C. schools, a traditional public and a nonunionized charter, are experimenting with socioeconomic integration.
By Richard D. Kahlenberg