July/ August 2013
Table of Contents

Editor’s Note

The Doctor Cartel Will See You Now By Paul Glastris

Tilting at Windmills

Launch pad follies ... Roger and Rupert ... How to refuel your private jet By Charles Peters

Ten Miles Square
Dreamers Deferred

The Obama administration is trying to help immigrant students brought here illegally as kids get into college. GOP-controlled states have other ideas.
By Daniel Luzer

The Monthly Interview: Ted Nordhaus

A conversation with Ted Nordhaus, the head of a green think tank who thinks that environmentalism is dead, nuclear energy and gas are alive, and maybe the conservatives had it right all along.

Storefront Coyotes

Meet the con artists who “help” immigrants with their visa problems—and who will get rich if Congress passes a “tough” immigration reform bill.
By Anne Kim

The Education of Rand Paul

How is a first-term senator becoming a force in his party on foreign policy? Because in today’s GOP, he’s what passes for moderate.
By Stuart A. Reid

Estates of Mind

The answer to America’s techno-malaise is to force big corporations to compete more. And to open their patent vaults.
By Barry C. Lynn

First Teach No Harm

The U.S. spends $13 billion a year subsidizing graduate medical education. Yet almost all of this money winds up producing the wrong kinds of doctors in the wrong places, with America’s most elite teaching hospitals being the worst offenders.
By Phillip Longman

A Day in the Life of a Primary Care Doctor

A harried pediatrician tells her story.
By Candice Chen

Special Deal

The shadowy cartel of doctors that controls Medicare.
By Haley Sweetland Edwards

On Political Books
The Glory of the Commons

Jonathan Rowe’s brilliant posthumous meditation on the shared, non-commercialized realms of life that sustain us.
By Timothy Noah

The Life of the Mayor-for-Life

Richard M. Daley may not have been the smartest guy in the room. But he knew how to run Chicago.
By Alan Ehrenhalt

A for Effort

Other countries' schools outperform ours by following a philosophy that is—or ought to be—very American: innate talent is less important than sheer drive.
By Thomas Toch and Taylor White

Union City Blues

How a poor New Jersey town and its teacher’s unions turned around its schools.
By Richard D. Kahlenberg

What Dr. King Didn't Say

Misremembering the March on Washington.
By Moshe Z. Marvit