March /April 2012
Table of Contents

Editor’s Note

Clinton’s Third TermBy Paul Glastris

Tilting at Windmills

Highballing at Bain Capital... Groundhog Day in D.C. ... A Bastille Worth Storming... By Charles Peters

The Incomplete Greatness of Barack Obama

He’s gotten more done in three years than any president in decades. Too bad the American public still thinks he hasn’t accomplished anything. By Paul Glastris

Obama's Top 50 Accomplishments

By Paul Glastris, Ryan Cooper, and Siyu Hu

Heaven Can Wait

Was I wrong about the afterlife? No. By By Christopher Hitchens, as told to Art Levine

We Can Live With a Nuclear Iran

Fears of a bomb in Tehran’s hands are overhyped, and a war to prevent it would be a disaster. By Paul Pillar

Terminal Sickness

How a thirty-year-old policy of deregulation is slowly killing America’s airline system—and taking down Cincinnati, Memphis, and St. Louis with it. By Phillip Longman and Lina Khan

Good News First, Bad News Never

How the Peace Corps believes its own PR, looks past its mistakes, and shafts volunteers in the process. By Ryan Cooper

The Crackdown

How the United States looked the other way while Bahrain crushed the Arab Spring’s most ill-fated uprising. By Kelly McEvers

On Political Books
Stay for Tea

The real Tea Partiers are worth getting to know. Because they’re going to be here a while. And they might prove useful. By Steven Teles

The Rise of the Amero-pessimists

Two political thinkers, a liberal and a conservative, believe America is headed toward inexorable decline. There are good reasons to believe they’re both wrong. By Ruy Teixeira

Thinking Out Loud

An oral history of the twentieth century, dictated on his deathbed, shows that Tony Judt was, to the end, the consummate public intellectual. By Michael O'Donnell

Calvin vs. Hobbes

A novelist’s lonely struggle to recover the religion-inspired liberalism of America’s founding ethos. By Benjamin Dueholm

Not a Drop to Drink

How water scarcity will soon be Asia’s defining crisis. By Christina Larson