May/ June 2013
Table of Contents

Editor’s Note

Speech Therapy By Paul Glastris

Tilting at Windmills

In praise of better government ... Welfare for the Rockefellers ... Whatever happened to truth in labeling? By Charles Peters

Ten Miles Square
Borne Back Ceaselessly Into the Past

Why we’re suckers for remakes of The Great Gatsby.
By Louis Barbash

RNC Memo: Update on Our Efforts to Pitch a Bigger Tent

Some post-autopsy thoughts from Reince Priebus.

Bonds of Citizenship

A new route to universal national service and economic fairness.
By Adam Garfinkle

Reformish Conservatives

Meet the handful of conservative writers who are suggesting, respectfully, that the GOP change its policies.
By Ryan Cooper

Under the Gaydar

How gays won the right to raise children without conservatives even noticing.
By Alison Gash

Over the Line

Why are U.S. Border Patrol agents shooting into Mexico and killing innocent civilians?
By John Carlos Frey

Should Martin O’Malley Be President?

The governor of Maryland is a long shot for the White House—and the best manager in government today.
By Haley Sweetland Edwards

A Short History of Data-Driven Government

By Haley Sweetland Edwards

Beauty Tips for the FDA

Did my wife’s cosmetics give her breast cancer?
By John F. Wasik

On Political Books
Overthinking Obama

Forget Kenya. The president’s secret political philosophy is apparently rooted in seventeenth-century Rotterdam.
By Mark Schmitt

The Year of Living Historically

What Deng Xiaoping, Pope John Paul, the Ayatollah Khomeini, and Margaret Thatcher had in common.
By Jacob Heilbrunn

The Great Unraveling

Chronicling America’s not-quite-decline.
By Michael O’Donnell

Revolution for Thee, Not Me

Online learning will transform the nature of college for everybody—except the affluent.
By Daniel Luzer

Profs in the Cloud

The perils and promise of online learning.
By Richard D. Kahlenberg

Self-Made Countries

Why poor nations aren’t prisoners of their history.
By Charles Kenny