November/ December 2013
Table of Contents

Tilting at Windmills

Fair, balanced, and untrue ... A Barry bad legacy ... Glamorizing the glamour industry By Charles Peters

Ten Miles Square
How "Race Neutrality" Can Save Affirmative Action

Americans’ surprising commitment to fairness.
By James M. Glaser and Timothy J. Ryan

Selective Service

Which elite colleges send the most graduates into government and nonprofit careers?
By Zach Wenner, Jonny Dorsey, and Fagan Harris

Women, War, and PTSD

Are female warriors more likely to be traumatized by combat?
By Laura Kasinof

The War of Rape

What happened to Jamie Leigh Jones in Iraq?
By Stephanie Mencimer

Stay Put, Young Man

Americans used to be exceptional for how often they moved. But that once-powerful source of both efficiency and upward mobility is now in steep decline.
By Timothy Noah

The 2013 Opportunity Index

How well is your state helping you succeed?
By Anne Kim

The Living-in-the-Basement Generation

How young adults are faring in America’s twenty-five biggest metro areas.
By Richard Florida

Nice Places Finish First

The economic returns of civic virtue.
By John M. Bridgeland and Alan Khazei

How to Build a Better Launch Pad for Young Americans

A commonsense plan that Congress can pass now.
By Mark Edwards

Not Your Father’s Shop Class

The promising revival of career and technical education.
By Harry J. Holzer

Connecting Kids to College and Careers

Five ideas that really work.
By Dorian Friedman

On Political Books
Dark Sidekick

How Dick Cheney controlled, and lost control of, George W. Bush.
By Eleanor Clift

Campaign 2012: How We Dodged a Bullet

Mitt Romney didn’t lose because of the GOP’s far-right agenda. That’s what’s scary.
By Ed Kilgore

Guerrillas in the Midst

Why our next war will be fought in cities.
By Shawn Brimley

Scribimus Indocti Doctique Poemata Passim

How the Romans invented Facebook, sort of.
By Justin Peters