Jan/Feb 1999 - Volume 31 Issues 1&2

November 1998

Donald L. Barlett & James B. Steele
"What Corporate Welfare Costs You" (Series)
Time Magazine

Barlett and Steele demonstrate how government handouts to corporations benefit the fat cats at the top of the ladder, not the average worker. The writers detail how companies can wreak havoc with the environment and damage local economies.

Stephen Labaton
"The Debacle That Buried Washington"
The New York Times

Thought the Savings and Loan crisis was history? Think again. Two years ago the Supreme Court ruled government had betrayed S&L investors by changing the rules of the bailout at the height of the crisis. As a result, Labaton explains, taxpayers could pick up a tab climbing into the billions of dollars.

Renata Adler
"Decoding the Starr Report"
Vanity Fair Magazine

The last thing you probably want to read is another rehash of the Starr-Lewinsky chaos. But Adler brings a tough and fresh perspective to the investigation, demonstrating the frightening lengths Ken Starr and his army of prosecutors were willing to go to bring down Bill Clinton's presidency..

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