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March 04, 2012 5:17 PM This ‘n’ That - Until We Meet Again

By Adele Stan

It’s sign-off time, and I’d like to thank everybody for your comments and your kindness toward yours truly, your weekend guest blogger.

Some odds and ends to leave you with:

* Vladmir Putin is poised to “win” the Russian presidential election (surprise!), and not everyone is happy.

* Rick Santorum is playing down expectations in the upcoming Super Tuesday Ohio primary, now that the Marist poll has all but erased the lead he held until today.

* The one-legged stool: Remember when the right wing was, in Reagan’s words, “a three-legged stool”? Now it’s more like a pedestal in which the economic conservatives, so-called national security conservatives and the social conservatives have consolidated the conservative narrative into one culture-laced toxic log. More here.

And believe it or not, there’s more on Rush Limbaugh’s misogynist meltdown:

* The presidential candidates respond, with Romney focusing, like Rush, on word choice; Santorum calling Limbaugh’s tirades against Sandra Fluke “absurd,” and Ron Paul saying the radio host only apologized in order to keep his sponsors. Newt Gingrich, of course, blamed the elite media.

* In case you missed it, Rep. Darrell Issa — who got the Sandra Fluke controversy going when he refused to allow the Georgetown Law student to testify on his panel about the birth control mandate and religious freedom — responded to calls for his condemnation of the Limbaugh assault by complaining that Democrats were mean to “people of faith.”

* Today The Rush Limbaugh Show lost yet another advertiser, bringing the total so far to seven.

* And Saturday Night Live’s “James Carville” predicted that Rush will survive — “like that show, ‘Cops.’”


  • kiweagle on March 04, 2012 7:22 PM:

    Thanks for your insights and perspective Adele, you were great! I look forward to reading more of your work via AlterNet.

  • Texas Aggie on March 04, 2012 7:27 PM:

    I like Ron Paul's response. The man isn't totally blind to reality. I wish he would change the rest of his philosophy so that I could vote for him.

  • The Oracle on March 04, 2012 8:03 PM:

    How much of Clear Channel does multi-millionaire Rush Limbaugh own per his $400 million contract? Is this why Clear Channel remains silent over Rush, refusing to remove Rush from all Clear Channel radio stations? Because this would involve Rush firing Rush?

    And the companies that have stopped advertising on Rush's program, are they still advertising on other Clear Channel programs, essentially paying Clear Channel to continue paying Rush money as long as he is on the air, directly or indirectly continuing to feed the Rush monster?

    Boycott ALL Clear Channel stations, all CC programs and all CC advertisers until Rush is removed ! ! !

    And Rick Santorum has said that all women using contraceptives are committing a "grievous moral wrong," which is just his "correct word choice" way of saying that they are all just sluts and prostitutes who take the pill so as to continue their copious amounts of sex, ahem, or that's my translation of Rick Santorum's "translation" of Rush Limbaugh's crude comments about Sandra Fluke and ALL women on the pill, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, mothers, daughters and sisters, almost all American women since almost all American women since the pill became available have used contraceptives (the pill) for one purpose or another, besides protection during sex.

    Thus, in saying what he said about contraceptives being a "grievous moral wrong," Rick Santorum essentially declared that almost all American women are going to hell, per his arch-conservative and Vatican-approved judgment. So, anyone agreeing with Rick Santorum or Rush Limbaugh are saying the same thing, all those sluts and prostitutes on the pill (or who've ever been on the pill) are all going to hell, including any Republican women of a conservative nature.

    Finally, Chris Wallace on Fox News discussed contraceptives with a Republican woman, Kimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal, after Chris checked with Fox management about whether Fox health insurance covered contraceptives (the pill and such) for women working at Fox News. But remember, News Corp owns both Fox News and the WSJ, so Ms. Strassel's insurance coverage also probably includes contraceptives just like the women working at Fox News. This puts Chris' conversation with Ms. Strassel in context, and a slightly different light. Of course, Chris could have asked her if she was on the pill, gotten his face slapped and told it was none of his damn business (if on the pill), which would have been highly entertaining must-watch television. And then he could have asked her if she agreed with Santorum's assessment that she was (if on the pill) committing a "grievous moral wrong" and going to hell. Fox News fun for the whole family.

  • rdblybl on March 04, 2012 8:22 PM:

    The descent of the republican party into irrelevance has been truly breathtaking. And limbaugh from the beginning has been lower than a slime-mold. God bless his little black heart!

  • bluestatedon on March 04, 2012 8:28 PM:

    Rush ain't going anywhere; his audience is too large and is too devoted. They look at him like he's a saint; the more he's criticized, the more they think he's being martyred.

    Which is all goodas long as he keeps broadcasting, he'll continue to intimidate Republicans into aping his misogyny, which in turn will continue to drive sane women (and most of the men in their lives) to the Democrats.

  • schtick on March 04, 2012 9:00 PM:

    Thanks for joining us, Adele. I enjoyed your posts and hope you enjoyed ours.
    As for Rush, the sad thing is that the people that support him are parroting everything he said. She wants the taxpayers to foot the bill for her having sex, sex, sex. None of them have a clue what this is really about and having an IQ that matches the channel they watch Faux and listen to Rush on doesn't help. They don't want to hear only the "truth" Rush spews and not the real facts.
    And Rush didn't apologize for the slander he put on Fluke, he apologized for the "words" chosen. Too bad she doesn't sue him and Clear Channel just to make them spend the big bucks on their pricy lawyers.
    We should thank God that Rush didn't procreate either because he shoots blanks or his wives took contraception. I'd hate to see those little neanderthals.

  • Skip on March 05, 2012 12:14 AM:

    "Newt Gingrich, of course, blamed the elite media."

    Phew, thank you Newt! With the conservative snobs starting turning on their king I thought pigs were going to start flying, but thankfully you stayed true to course and held them piggies down. Ooooowheeeeeee.

  • bear88 on March 05, 2012 2:21 AM:

    If the polls are any indication, Romney is poised to shut down the Clown Show, for all practical purposes, on Tuesday.

    He's caught Santorum in Ohio and is closing fast in Tennessee. A Gingrich win in Georgia will be written off as an insignificant home turf triumph. The Republican establishment is trying to move fast to close ranks, and it looks like they may succeed.

    Santorum must win Ohio, Tennessee, Oklahoma and one of the caucus states or it's going to be all over soon. Romney may not do well in the Deep South primaries next week, but the media will quickly lose interest if Santorum is skunked on Tuesday.

  • zandru on March 05, 2012 10:16 AM:

    Thanks, Ms. Stan for MC'ing this three-ring circus! Come back anytime!

    On a less optimistic note, The Oracle states "Boycott ALL Clear Channel stations, all CC programs and all CC advertisers until Rush is removed ! ! !"

    Uh-uh. Here in Albuquerque, Clear Channel hosts the liberal talk radio station. That's right - Bill Press, Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Ed Schultz, Ring o'Fire, Jessie Jackson, Democracy Now (also on NPR), and others that I haven't yet listened to.

    Yes, it's bizarre, but apparently way back when "Air America" first got started, a local Clear Channel station decided, for commercial reasons, that they were missing out on a substantial audience that had nowhere else to go, and changed format overnight from right wing, country western noise & drivel to Air America. And the same shows (and more) are on, even after the demise of AA.

    Boycott Clear Channel? Maybe in YOUR market, Mr. Oracle, but not here.

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