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June 09, 2012 2:41 PM Why You Should Watch Up With Chris

By Ryan Cooper

As readers may have noticed, I’m a big fan of Chris Hayes and his show. One more reason for that was present this morning, where he had the best discussion I’ve ever seen of monetary policy on TV:

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In case you can’t watch that, it was basically a much better and more in-depth version of this post I wrote yesterday. Crank ideas about inflation, the gold standard, and the Fed have spread like wildfire on the right, while no one on the left seems to care that much, even though they are at the mercy of the Fed when it comes to their political future. Kudos to Chris for pushing these ideas.

The ensuing discussion wasn’t quite as good as I was hoping due to the presence of Peter Schiff, a loud and crankish goldbug, heavily prone to doomsday tirades, who is all over TV from having somewhat accidentally predicted the financial crisis. (Watch poor Karl Smith, an actual economist, grinding his teeth in the corner.) Apparently it’s tough to find a Fed “skeptic” who isn’t a total kook.

But even still, it was a great show, and the kind of stuff you never see on TV. Watch, or if you don’t get cable, it’s online as well.

Ryan Cooper is a National Correspondent at The Week, and a former web editor of the Washington Monthly. Find him on Twitter: @ryanlcooper


  • c u n d gulag on June 09, 2012 4:06 PM:

    Yeah, I watched it this morning.

    And I was P*SSED!

    I guess that even Hayes on MSNBC is susceptible to the dictate for even slightly left-leaning Cable TV news shows:
    "For every couple of Holocaust historians and victims, at the VERY LEAST, you must have at least ONE Holocaust denier.
    As for Economics - see the above."

    For that oh so important "balance," don't you know?

    And on the flip side, if a regular TV News show has an actual Liberal or Progressive on, he/she needs to be the only one, and surrounded by righties and fake centrists.

    So, if ABC has Krugman on, he has to be be countered with George "Feckit! The Climate ain't warmin' 'cause my toupee didn't slide off my head yet" Will, Cokie "D'uh Where've I been?" Roberts, and Peggy "Mah, did I evah tell you that I knew the great Ronald Reagan? Ah deeed? Well, let me tell y'all again" Noonan.

    Why was this moronic troglodyte on his show?
    Oh yeah - see the above.

  • jjm on June 09, 2012 4:57 PM:

    I DO really like and admire Chris Hayes.

    But I cannot stand the token right winger who HAS to be on the show, or else...

    You know, the one thing I miss about Olbermann, aside from his 'worst persons in the world' segment, is that he never knuckled under to the demand/directive (where DOES it come from, I wonder?? -ha) to include righties on his show.

    Rachel has them, but only when she is able to truly skewer them. I wish Hayes were granted that privilege.

  • James E Powell on June 09, 2012 5:52 PM:

    What good does it do to have only lefties on shows that only lefties watch? No one is being informed by these shows, are they?

    When right-wingers watch or listen to their shows, they are not only reassured, they are told what to think and say. They are good at this because they want to be good at this.

    When lefties watch or listen to their shows, they bitch about the shows, the failure to include some idea or argument that is dear to them, and recall how some former or more obscure show is better.

    They definitely do not repeat what they have heard.

  • IowaOldLady on June 09, 2012 6:30 PM:

    Hayes often manages to get a conservative panel member who's willing to participate in an intelligent discussion. But this morning, I had to turn it off because Schiff was so annoying. If he'd been willing to explain his position, listen politely to the other panel members, and engage in true discussion, I wouldn't have minded, but he interrupted constantly. In the bit I heard, I'm not sure anyone else managed to get out an entire sentence without him cutting them off. That's not what I tune into Hayes's show for.

    There are plenty of talk shows out there where panelists joust as if this were a competitive sport. Schiff needs to trot on over to one of them. I urge Hayes not to invite this rude man back.

  • David on June 09, 2012 8:15 PM:

    Peter Schiff is especially bad. For years he was telling everyone to stop investing in the US and invest in Europe instead. Even the traders on CNBC's Fast Money roll their eyes when he starts talking.

  • SYSPROG on June 09, 2012 9:23 PM:

    I am a HUGE fan of 'UP' and am willing to forego the occassional nimrod to keep watching. It's the best show on TV!

  • Area Man on June 09, 2012 9:24 PM:

    Peter Schiff has been predicting that hyperinflation would occur in the next few months for the last 4 years now. It's almost impossible for him to have been more wrong. So naturally, he yells louder.

  • Hedda Peraz on June 10, 2012 5:53 AM:

    Is this thread dead yet?
    Can we get the Maddow on the set?
    The boys in the boardroom got a running bet:
    How many eyeballs can we get?

    Because NEVER forget that TeeVee is a bid'nez, and selling eyeballs to advertisers is why you get to watch Chris Hayes.
    Besides, he is the only Sat/Sun AM show with an above room temperature IQ.
    Unless you prefer long legs in short skirts, and vapid stares, served with 24/7 anti Obama snark.

  • Neildsmith on June 10, 2012 8:31 AM:

    The problem with this show is too many commercial breaks. Hayes can't sustain a conversation or his guest's train of thought with all the distractions.

  • Shane Taylor on June 10, 2012 9:10 AM:

    Economist Barry Eichengreen wrote an excellent smackdown of Ron Paul and the goldbugs. It is behind the paywall at the National Interest, but I clipped a portion here:


    There may be a deeper a reason why these crankish goldbugs are so heavily prone to "doomsday tirades." My pet theory is that libertarians are so prone to conspiranoia because it meets a real need. To keep their dream alive, libertarians must explain away the apparent failures of actually existing capitalism. So, whenever chaos emerges within a market society, there must be some perversion, some corruption--or some conspiracy against liberty. What other explanation could there be for someone with a hypertrophied faith in an obvious and simple system of "natural" liberty?

  • j_h_r on June 10, 2012 5:25 PM:

    it's obvious really

    Peter Schiff is THE Invisible Bond Vigilante.

    He wears a mask, and hides in dark country roads, and wreaks havoc on the economy

    why didn't I see it sooner?

  • upfan on June 11, 2012 1:32 PM:

    I agrees that his show or any other news show when trying to bring different perspectives by inviting liberals, centrists and conservatives, they should try to put those who are equally qualified.

    When talking about climate changes, UP has done a ok job by not brining quasi-scientists with christian sciences to deny man-made climate change.

    But on the Fed Reserve, i wish UP could invite an actual conservative economist/journalist from the Economist magazine or Wall Street journals to talk with liberal/centrist economists.

    But I also understand that it is a TV show and it sometimes needs heated fights to grab attention and they must have limits with who they can bring as guests.
    overall, I still appreciate that Chris Hayes generally tries to be fair while making sure his liberal views are sincerely expressed. it's far better than all the penal members are liberals and it's all self-indulge masturbation.

  • Joe on November 15, 2012 11:40 PM:

    "Accidentally" predicted the crisis? Really?