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July 17, 2012 4:15 PM Lina Khan Talks About Entreneurship On CSPAN

By Ed Kilgore

Here’s the video of Lina Khan’s appearance this morning on CSPAN’s Washington Journal to discuss the article in the July/August issue of the Washington Monthly she coauthored with Barry C. Lynn, entitled “The Slow-Motion Collapse of American Entrepreneurship.”

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  • gus on July 17, 2012 5:00 PM:

    sorry this is off topic but........

    should McCain be put on the hook for saying that there is nothing untoward/wrong or embarrassing about Romney’s multiple year tax returns?

    One of two things is gonna happen: they are released or not.

    If McCain continues to vociferously hang his hat on Romney’s candidacy (with very little to gain outside of a cabinet spot as Sec. of Duhhhh) then he will say there’s nothing Romney is hiding. However it probably wouldn’t recommend releasing them because McCain is that “loyal” to the party.

    However, if he refuses to say if he thinks the contents don’t look good then it puts additional pressure on the release.

    I’m with George Will that Romney thinks it is more advantageous to hide them, like those hard drives they bought after he left the governor’s office.

    So, get as many republicans on the record on this as possible. Next up, McCain.