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September 17, 2012 3:20 PM Double Trouble

By Ed Kilgore

Given Mitt Romney’s trouble with women voters, and trouble with Latino voters, you might figure he’s got double trouble with Latinas, right? Right!

According to the latest ImpreMedia/Latino Decisions tracking poll, Obama is leading Romney by a 74-21 margin among Latinas. With Latino men preferring Obama by a 61/32 margin, the net results is an Obama lead among Latinos of 68/26. A small bump for Romney after the Republican convention—with its aggressive deployment of Latino speakers—has now been erased.

There was only a 4% gender gap among Latinos in 2008 (men preferring Obama to McCain by 64/33, and women by 68/30. This is one demographic category where the incumbent has a fighting chance to improve on his last performance.

Ed Kilgore is a contributing writer to the Washington Monthly. He is managing editor for The Democratic Strategist and a senior fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute. Find him on Twitter: @ed_kilgore.


  • c u n d gulag on September 17, 2012 4:09 PM:

    If one was a Latina, why would you decide to side with a party that hates you for both your ethnic background AND your gender?

  • Mitch on September 17, 2012 5:17 PM:

    "If one was a Latina, why would you decide to side with a party that hates you for both your ethnic background AND your gender?"

    Because the GOP is the party that claims to serve God. The GOP is the party that Catholic Bishops (in the States at least) would rather you vote for. Sure the GOP doesn't agree with the traditional Catholic support for social programs and the working man, but that stuff is small potatoes compared to abortion, contraception and teh gays.

  • RobW on September 17, 2012 5:26 PM:

    "latino speakers"? Really?

  • Anonymous on September 17, 2012 7:10 PM:


    '"latino speakers"? Really?'

    I'm not certain what your question is, but I'm going to take a gamble and guess that you mean Ed was saying they were "speaking Latino" which makes no real sense.

    From the context of Ed's sentence it is clear that he was sayin "speakers who are Latino", not "speakers of Latino" so I'm not sure it deserves a Really?

    If you mean somehting else, please clarify your statement.

  • AgentX on September 18, 2012 5:09 AM:

    He's also lost the Korean vote.

    The article states that Obama gets roughly 59-60% and Romney gets 13%. That is pretty shockingly low.
    Another poll in the article had 44% Obama 35% undecided and 3% Romney. That is near black people polling territory.

    So basically Romney has lost the AA vote, the Latino vote, the Korean vote, the poor vote (after today), the women vote, the college vote, and the smart people vote (thanks Santorum).

    In the world vote, the only country he's winning is Israel. http://www.hispanicbusiness.com/2012/9/12/poll_europe_likes_obama_china_prefers.htm
    Romney garnered the most support in Israel (65 percent), Pakistan (41 percent), Georgia (36 percent), Macedonia (30 percent), China (29 percent), Lebanon (26 percent), Iraq (20 percent), India (19 percent), Colombia (16 percent), Hong Kong (15 percent) and Cameroon (15 percent). Obama's support was highest in Iceland (98 percent); Netherlands, Portugal, Germany (97 percent); Ireland, Denmark (96 percent); Switzerland, France, Finland (95 percent); Italy and Turkey (94 percent); Brazil (93 percent); Romania, Saudi Arabia (91 percent) and Australia (90 percent).