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October 17, 2012 5:30 PM Day’s End and Night Watch

By Ed Kilgore

Those who follow conservative opinionating have doubtless been amused today by the vast firepower aimed at Candy Crowley and the total obsession with establishing that Romney “won” the point on Obama’s initial remarks on the Libya killings. Don’t think the estimated 56 million viewers of last night’s debate are following your arguments, folks.

In other remains of the day:

* Nation’s Ari Berman has a good update on early voting in Ohio in the wake of SCOTUS’ refusal to get involved. It’s not all good news: OH SOS is preventing early voting during evenings.

* Separate report from Ohio Votes on intimidating “voter fraud” billboards in minority neighborhoods.

* Scary Marquette polls (which were very accurate during recall elections) show Obama and Baldwin leads dwindling to almost nothing in Wisconsin. State will be good test of second-debate effect.

* Michael Bloomberg sets up Super-PAC to spend on downballot candidates from both parties supporting same-sex marriage, tougher gun laws, and school reforms. $10-15 million budget; Angus King one likely beneficiary.

* Shadowy Arizona group tosses $11 million into California ballot initiative fights, backing anti-union Prop 32 and opposing Jerry Brown’s Prop 30.

And in non-political news:

* Honey Badger’s family in legal battle with Sports Illustrated over mag’s very negative cover issue about the former LSU star’s extracurricular activities.

Five whole days until next (and final!) presidential debate. I can wait.


Ed Kilgore is a contributing writer to the Washington Monthly. He is managing editor for The Democratic Strategist and a senior fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute. Find him on Twitter: @ed_kilgore.


  • Th on October 17, 2012 5:43 PM:

    The biggest fallout from the Libya flub may be in Romney's debate prep. They have to spend lots of time double checking everything and Romney will likely still be hesitant going for the kill.

  • RepublicanPointOfView on October 17, 2012 5:53 PM:

    Freedom of $peech should be encouraged, but rich people are not supposed to waste their free $peech supporting fag marriages and especially gun control. At least this rules Bloomberg out of future republican presidential consideration. Damn traitor.

  • Mitt's Magic Underwear on October 17, 2012 6:22 PM:

    Angus King doesn't need the money. Put it to use somewhere that will do some good!

  • The Oracle on October 17, 2012 7:28 PM:

    Zingers (def.), Republican lies.

    And boy, has Mitt Romney been telling a bunch of "zingers" of late, or what?

    I finally figured out what "zingers" Republicans were talking about before the first debate, as Romney's campaign prepped him for it. I initially thought "zingers" referred to some zany and humorous come-back, but I now realize "zingers" means something entirely different to Republicans, like all the "zingers" on Faux News, for instance. Lies, lies and more lies, piled one on top of another, until one has a stinking pile of Republican zingers, er, lies.

  • Hue and Cry on October 17, 2012 9:12 PM:

    Well said, commenters.

    Amusing indeed. It feels as if the curtain is pulled, and Romney is the fumbling quarterback. I have been happy all day taking this in. 3 weeks from election day. Advantage: Prez.

    Big emphasis on fact checks, and the sense the that Romney feels rules don't apply to him:
    The forever CEO bossing everyone around, including an esteemed standing president----> has played poorly.

    'Women in folders' revolt!!!! Did you see the faces of the women that Romney addressed: telling. He never answered if women should have equal pay.
    Plus he lied--women in Massachusetts *delivered that folder to him.*
    I have to say that really put the pisazz back into my day.

    Lebatts tonight.

  • J-NC on October 18, 2012 7:25 AM:

    Ed, don't worry too much about the Marquette poll. I know they were good on the recall.

    But if you look at Marquette polling over the past 3-4 months on the Prez and Senate races, they've been all over the map. Tied one month, Obama up 14 the next. Etc.

    Maybe this poll is accurate. But my take is that if you average the last 4-5 months of Marquette Presidential polls, you'll get somewhere near reality.

  • bromox on October 18, 2012 9:56 AM:

    Ed, if haven't already, please give more play to the latest damning Newsweek piece on Romney's execrably exploitative tenure at Bain. Really, this is a killer of his pretensions of being a virtuous job-creating businessman, it needs to be extolled and get around even more. Commentariat, thread rats, et al, you too. Thanks!