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December 13, 2012 5:35 PM Day’s End and Night Watch

By Ed Kilgore

Often when I’m in New Orleans I stay indoors during the day to avoid the insane heat. This time it’s just blogging. Here are some final items from the day’s news:

* Hagel reported to be current front-runner for Pentagon.

* Greg Sargent wonders if Republicans even care about public opinion.

* Leahy pressing for clarification on administration’s intentions towards states legalizing pot.

* At Ten Miles Square, Jonathan Bernstein explains why district-based electoral college schemes aren’t going anywhere.

* At College Guide, Daniel Luzer reports on Texas Tech professor who is suing school for denying him tenure because of his opposition to tenure. Rough justice….

And in non-political news:

* Ali G. is back!

Back tomorrow for one more day of bloggy goodness before my week off.


Ed Kilgore is a contributing writer to the Washington Monthly. He is managing editor for The Democratic Strategist and a senior fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute. Find him on Twitter: @ed_kilgore.


  • Jose Hipants on December 13, 2012 7:44 PM:

    Republicans don't care about public opinion because the public is not their constituency. Big money has the only valid opinion. When big money tells them to cut the crap and get on with it, then they will, whether it fits their "philosophy" or not.