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July 13, 2014 1:02 PM Eat A ‘Peach, Part II

By D.R. Tucker

You know how Republicans always hide the Christian right during their presidential conventions? After Pat Buchanan’s repugnant culture war speech at the 1992 convention, the GOP made sure to keep the fulminating fundies out of sight and out of mind when the prime-time cameras were on. Sure, every now and then Republican personalities would use coded language about “family” and “tradition,” but generally speaking, the explicit expressions of retrograde rhetoric regarding those who weren’t straight white Christian males were kept out of the script.

Seeing GOP Inc.’s attempt to downplay right-wing talk of impeaching Obama this morning reminded me of the party’s comprehensive censorship of craziness during their presidential conventions. Just look at the desperation on the faces of William Kristol and GOP consultant Ana Navarro, swearing up and down that no one of significance wants to impeach Obama:

Sure, Kristol and Navarro, we won’t pay any attention to the wingnuts behind the curtain.

House Judiciary Committee Chair Robert Goodlatte also insisted that the right-wing impeachment talk was just nonsense:

The question is, why are these Republicans holding back? We know you guys want to drive Obama from office in shame. We know you want to brand him in the history books as a man who should have never been elected, much less born. We know you loathe him and everything you think he represents. So why not go ahead and impeach? Are you folks cowards?

Stand up, damn it! Have the courage of your convictions! Get your impeachment on! After all, you’ve got God with you, right? C’mon! Do it! Do it! What could possibly go wrong?


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