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June 06, 2011 11:40 AM Worth bragging about

By Steve Benen

Mitt Romney’s health care policy has been in effect now for a few years in Massachusetts, and as it turns out, the former governor’s former constituents really like it. (via Yglesias)

The poll by the Harvard School of Public Health and The Boston Globe found that 63 percent of Massachusetts residents support the 2006 health law, up 10 percentage points in the past two years. Just 21 percent said they were against the law.

This reminds me a bit of that study published in March that Massachusetts has the lowest percentage of residents without health insurance — by a wide margin. Thanks to the efficacy of Romney’s policy, it’s not even close.

Given that his apporach has been such a success, and the fact that he doesn’t have any other meaningful accomplishments to talk about, one would think Romney would shine a bright light on these results.

But he’s doing no such thing. Indeed, Romney is doing his best to keep his signature accomplishment a secret, in part because it helped serve as a model for one of President Obama’s signature accomplishments, and in part because it includes a provision (an individual mandate) that the GOP base has been told constitutes radical liberalism.

And so what should be good news for the Romney campaign must be ignored by the Romney campaign. It must be frustrating.

Steve Benen is a contributing writer to the Washington Monthly, joining the publication in August, 2008 as chief blogger for the Washington Monthly blog, Political Animal.


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  • c u n d gulag on June 06, 2011 11:46 AM:

    Poor Mittens.
    Maybe if he walked into a MA hospital and shot up the joint, he could get his 'Now he's serious about health care' bona fides.
    Also, too, the 2nd Amendment - 'cause shooting critters an' varmints ain't real shootin' in the hard-core's eyes.

  • slappy magoo on June 06, 2011 11:52 AM:

    Never mind the fact that apparently a good chunk of the ACA is based on the Republican alternative to "Clintoncare" in the early 90s.

  • stormskies on June 06, 2011 11:56 AM:

    Yes, and then there is the state of Vermont that now has a single payer system. And the costs are projected to come way, way down for health insurance as a result. And, of course, the corporate media has completely ignored what the state of Vermont has done, just like to total repression of the Democratic Budget Proposal that would actually balance the budge in ten years. The corporate gatekeepers called the Beltway Media is making sure of that.

  • Mr. Serf Man on June 06, 2011 1:16 PM:

    and poor mittens being ripped by Mr. Noun-verb-911
    Romney's healthcare plan took away our freedom.
    What freedom to be healthy?
    You couldn't find a more disingenuous collection of individuals if you put a full page ad in the WSJ


  • mcc on June 06, 2011 1:32 PM:

    This just proves that Massachusetts is out of touch with Real Americans.