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July 22, 2013 10:16 AM Are the Social Sciences in Trouble?

Nicholas Christakis, a medical scientist perhaps best known for his controversial claim (see also here), based on joint work with James Fowler, that obesity is contagious, writes: The social sciences have stagnated. They offer essentially the same set of academic...

By Andrew Gelman

February 18, 2013 11:43 AM Robert Cottrell on the Value of Academic Blogging

Robert Cottrell has a very nice long piece in the Financial Times on (inter alia) academic blogging. To read the blog of a political scientist, or an anthropologist, or a lawyer, or an information technologist, is the next best thing...

By Henry Farrell

January 14, 2013 11:39 AM Preregistration of Studies and Mock Reports

The traditional system of scientific and scholarly publishing is breaking down in two different directions.On one hand, we are moving away from relying on a small set of journals as gatekeepers: the number of papers and research projects is increasing,...

By Andrew Gelman

January 11, 2013 10:33 AM That Controversial Claim that High Genetic Diversity, or Low Genetic Diversity, Is Bad for the Economy

Kyle Peyton writes: I’m passing you this recent news article by Ewen Callaway in the hope that you will make a comment about the methodology on your blog. It’s generated some back and forth between the economics and science communities....

By Andrew Gelman

August 21, 2012 9:00 AM Using Defaults to Induce a Charitable Contribution

We all know about the power of defaults in everyday behavior and even in science.Here’s a fun example. The following appeared in my inbox the other day: Dear Dr. Gelman, *** greatly appreciates your service as a member of the...

By Andrew Gelman