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August 26, 2013 9:00 AM Why Can No One Pronounce the Names of New Drugs?

One of the challenging aspects of a career in medicine is that every week you have to learn new nonsense words that have been invented to describe the latest products. 2013 has already brought us Osphena, Tafinlar, Procysbi, Sitavig, Breo...

By Keith Humphreys

August 23, 2013 11:21 AM Richard Nixon, Bowling Cheat

Megan McArdle related a funny Richard Nixon story last week, concerning his creation of a White House Place Guard. The palace guard episode is silly at any level and also reveals something of Nixon’s character. Let me start off your...

By Keith Humphreys

August 19, 2013 10:01 AM Senator Ted Cruz (R, CN)

It turns out that hard-right Republican Senator and Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz is a Canadian citizen as well as an American one. TPM: The birth certificate [released by Cruz] confirmed that the Texas Republican was born Dec. 22, 1970 in...

By James Wimberley

August 02, 2013 9:01 AM The Expanding Homeland

On Wednesday at a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting California Senator Diane Feinstein, who chairs the committee, was defending the National Security Agency's infamous top secret spying program. As Philip Bump first reported at the Atlantic, part of Feinstein's presentation consisted...

By Daniel Luzer

July 05, 2013 10:49 AM The Disastrous Results of Outsourcing

Florida has some new road signs. The Florida Department of Transportation, which farms the manufacturing of its interstate signs out to a (sadly unnamed) sign manufacturer in Arkansas, was a little embarrassed when someone discovered what they looked like. Observe:...

By Daniel Luzer