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July 26, 2013 10:41 AM How to Prevent Marijuana from Becoming Like Big Tobacco

In many industries, including tobacco, a small number of companies control most of the business and in doing so attain sufficient economic power to shape regulatory decisions in their favor. A similar situation could easily arise if marijuana is fully...

By Keith Humphreys

April 15, 2013 1:58 PM Build a Better Federal Tobacco Tax

President Obama’s budget proposal includes a hike in tobacco taxes. Right now, taxes are so high in some places (e.g., New York City, Chicago) that evasion happens on a grand scale and the black market in untaxed cigarettes is thriving.Meanwhile,...

By Keith Humphreys

April 01, 2013 9:08 AM What Are People Inhaling When they Advocate Policies Not to Hire Smokers?

I am an emphatic tobacco control advocate. My mother-in-law and my father-in-law both died horribly and young of lung cancer. I yield to no one in my desire to tax the hell out of cigarettes, require aggressive warning labels, the...

By Harold Pollack

February 25, 2013 9:35 AM The Health Consequences of Job Loss: Evidence from Norway

Keynesians, this new National Bureau of Economic Research paper will resonate.Losing Heart? The Effect of Job Displacement on HealthSandra Black, Paul Devereux and Kjell Salvanes NBER Working Paper No. 18660 Issued in December 2012 NBER Program(s): HE LS Job reallocation...

By Matthew Kahn

December 21, 2012 11:00 AM The External Cost of Guns v. Smoking

A quick post on the cost of smoking v. cost of guns, given the intuitive notion that second hand smoke and violence might be (conceptually) similar. I am not an expert on guns, and this is a quick post, given...

By Don Taylor