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August 24, 2012 4:02 PM America the Undertaxed

By Erik Voeten

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Political scientist Andrea Campbell in Foreign Affairs (ungated):

In proposing all these options, from reducing spending to raising revenue, policymakers are confronting the reality of U.S. fiscal policy: compared with its counterparts among the advanced nations, the United States’ tax system collects little revenue, poorly redistributes that money across the population, and is mind-bogglingly complex. The decision of whether to change that system is a political one; whether and how to undertake tax reform is ultimately a referendum on the direction in which Americans would like to take their country.

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Erik Voeten is the Peter F. Krogh associate professor of geopolitics and global justice at Georgetown University.


  • Milt on August 26, 2012 10:02 AM:

    At some point, before the country disappears in the sands of time, the citizens of the U.S. have got to recognize they live in a complex society that requires rules such as taxes and social interaction and mutual concern for others. The egocentric focus on the individual combined with paranoid concern for capitalism is dragging us down to a rapid and sure decay.