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January 10, 2013 11:04 AM Some Wake Up Calls from Mortality Data

By Aaron Carroll

Just a few more charts from the mortality data I’ve been hitting today.

This is deaths from violence:


The US is a real outlier. We’re not so much when it comes to suicide:


And to really keep you up at night, here’s deaths from war:


It’s far too easy to forget that we’re still at war, and that there’s a human cost. The US is paying it, in more ways than one.

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Aaron Carroll ,MD, is an associate professor of Pediatrics and the associate director of Children’s Health Services Research at Indiana University School of Medicine.


  • John on January 10, 2013 11:22 AM:

    Weird that 2nd by a wide margin over 3rd in the "deaths per thousand from war" in 2008 is the Netherlands. Unless I'm forgetting some ongoing conflict, that's got to be NATO contingent in Afghanistan.